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"I collect cars. I do it everyday"

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when fans can’t help but touch Heenim

you are what you love

kewltie said: oh gosh now im embarrassed for jumping on you like that /o\ since i dont want you to feel trouble/pressure by it?? but EEE im not worry at all b/c im JUST SO DELIGHTED AND EXCITED since i have seen your work and they are absolutely gorgeous! \o/

I stress myself over everything, so please don’t feel that way cause it’s definitely not your fault. I’m glad you’re excited and thank you for saying something so nice!! ^^

Heechul with SM Artists for ‘A Private Lesson with Those with Same Zodiac Sign’

kewltie said: as;ldjfa; DID YOU SAY CYBERPUNK!DONGHAE *g*. i love, /love/ cyperpunk. no pressure here but I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS! \o/

oh gosh you’re online, hi >< but yeah, the sherlock/cyperpunk au got me excited. I already have one version of hae done but I want this second version too,  so I hope you like at least one ;;

Someone should finishing this drawing for me because other wise I might rip my hair out

beatburgerjae: Anchovy work

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